2018 was a turning point for us. How does our CEO Erik Maxin evaluate last year? You will find out in following article…

What did the last year 2018 bring to MAXIN’S Group?

Erik Maxin: Our company is a team of individuals with many years of experience, yet we are a young company that started its operation shortly before the beginning of year 2018.

It is difficult to build a company from the very beginning and in particular, to gain the trust and favour of people. But I think we have been successful. It is proved also by 1048 satisfied employees.

What is the secret of excellence of MAXIN’S Group?

Erik Maxin: We wanted to build a company that would somehow stand out from the others. We have focused not only on the expertise of our team, but also on the power of social networks. We are not trying to create only ordinary posts containing just job offers, but we want to reach a wider audience, write articles on actual topics, motivational and inspirational posts, but of course, something funny to cheer up your free time after work. In the last year, our Facebook page has got more than 2450 likes, we have got over 5700 followers on the Instagram and their number is constantly growing. We are grateful to everyone who appreciates our thoughts and keeps in touch with us. We try to engage in public life with events, such as ” Šuhajíci pri panvici”, an amazing cooking event with Junior and Marek Ort, or supporting young sports talents such as the famous MMA fighter Gábor Boráros. We definitely want to support similar activities in the future.

We are not Superheros, but trying to do our best…

 What is most important for the success of such a company as the MAXIN’S Group?

Erik Maxin: First and foremost, it is not only work with people but also about people themselves. Therefore, it was the most important for me not only to put together a team of professionals, but also a team of people who could complement and rely on each other. I do believe what is making the difference are not more people. Quantity is never exceeding quality. That is why I am working with my team to do everything to satisfy our employees. Of course it is impossible to satisfy everyone, but we are trying to make everyone who is our employee or keen to be employed was satisfied. We are also just human beings who can make a mistake, but important is to learn from our mistakes and constantly move forward. We do not only offer the opportunity to employ but to give a chance for a new, better start.

“A satisfied employee is behind every successful company,” and that is the most important thing for us …

What is the message of Erik Maxin for our fans?

I would summarise it in our motto, written by Socrates: ” The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

The most important is to think about and analyse whether we are currently satisfied with what we have … If not, there is no need to be afraid of change. Life brings us everyday obstacles that we overcome and challenges that need not to be afraid of, but face them.

I would like to say ‘Thank you’ to all my team and all our employees. Thanks to them, we have made it so far… But there is no need to fall asleep, there is always room for improvement.

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