"Šuhajíci pri panvici"

July 27, 2018 was the day when MAXIN’S Group had the honor in the city of Bardejov to support the action of “Shuhaiici pri panvici”.

Together with JUNIOROM and MAREKOM ORTOM, it was you who took care of a special atmosphere. The unique school of cooking has attracted not only all cooking enthusiasts, but if those who are afraid of appearances and would like to know news from the world of gastronomy.

Professional chefs have demonstrated their cookery, and the general public has the opportunity to participate in cooking.

The action that MAXIN’S team did not want to miss brought a lot of surprises for our colleagues’ chef talents.

Find out more about this amazing action in this video.

We believe that this event enjoyed all participants at least as much as we can and we will be able to meet in the future not only with Junior and Marek Ort but also with you.

Thank you on behalf of the entire MAXIN’S Group team.

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