MAXIN’S Group is a big fan of Gábor Boráros mainly for his fighting spirit and his determination not to give up. It is an example that by hard work we can do everything in our life… That is why we did not miss to confront him before his upcoming big match OKTAGON 10. What did he tell us about himself?

Why MMA and Combat Sports?

In the beginning it was a common curiosity and then it went on. First trainings and first victories until I got where I am now. I was inspired by Attila Végh and Ivan Buchinger, for what I thank them.

What does MMA mean to you?

MMA is my life. The feeling of victory is priceless.

Which moment of your career was the hardest for you?

When I was in the hospital with numerous injuries, a broken nose and broken jaw. It was the moment when I wanted to give up, but the will to win overcomes even the biggest pain.

You’re a great fighter. What qualities could not miss a real warrior?

Perseverance, strong-mindness and confidence. You can’t go into battle and not be sure of yourself. I always enter the ring with the conviction of my win.

What are your goals and dreams for the future?

I am currently focusing on one of my biggest matches in the O2 arena 17.11.2018 OKTAGON 10, when I will have a match for my third belt, which of course I want to regain. My biggest dream is to continue my career and get to America and fight for organizations like UFC and KSW.

Have you ever thought about change?

Although life is about changes, when someone is dissatisfied with employment, he should not be afraid to change it. But I would never change my own. I am very happy.

If you weren’t an MMA fighter, what job could you imagine?

If I couldn’t be a fighter, my life wouldn’t make sense. But as a former footballer, I would probably either go in this direction, or certainly something that would be related to sports.

What do you consider as your greatest success so far?

Every won fight is a success for me. Self-confidance increases every time and motivates me to win. Of course belts are the most valuable rewards for me.

What motivates you in life?

Every win moves me forward. The win is also associated with fame and I like it. But of course, it’s my fans and sponsors like the MAXIN’S Group, without which I would never have achieved all this.

Who is your biggest fan?

My whole family supports me from its youngest to the oldest member. They all live it with me, cheer me and support me during matches. These are just as hard seconds and minutes for them as well. Only differrence, I have to look and my mom can close her eyes. (Laughter)

What do you think about your upcoming opponent, David Kozma, you meet in OKTAGON 10?

I don’t make the differences. I see him as any other opponent. He is a strong opponent, but I have to be better and win. I want to win and I’ll do everything to get the belt for me.

How do you see your chances of winning?

As I said, I am entering the ring with that I will win … I do not admit any other option, and so it is now as well. David is a strong opponent, but he has no place for fear.

And what about Gábor Boráros and private life? Are you still single?

At the moment I am single and open to new opportunities to get to know the right one which would win my heart. (Laughter)

What else would you like to say to your fans?

I want to thank them all. They motivate me and give me the strength to continue doing what I do. Despite the popularity, I am still the same person as years ago.

What message do you have for the MAXIN’S Group followers and fans?

Believe in your abilities and never give up. Life is a tough fight, bringing its wins and losses. The most important is not to give up.

Good luck Gábor… MAXIN’S Group

Good luck Gábor… MAXIN’S Group

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