"A satisfied employee
is behind every successful company."

Years of experience have created from each of us an expert in our industry with valuable experience. Each of us is different, but together we create the unique team of people, and so we created MAXIN’S Group, s.r.o . Our services are realised with the vision that we actively contribute to meeting our clients’ wishes, ambitions and goals.


Behind the success and prosperity of every society, there are people above all.

Therefore, we agree with the opinion that if you do not create a motivating place for your employees to work, the result of their work will not exceed the limit of excellence. We want our employees to feel full support from us and have the opportunity to develop themselves. We support them to overcome themselves, to get out of their comfort zone and not to be afraid to show up. We encourage them to step out of their shadow and express not only their opinions but also their needs and ideas. Every idea is a piece of puzzle that creates whole image. We want every employee to be an incentive member and part of our team, not just an employee.

Every opinion and feedback is valuable information for us, which we are trying to listen to and continue to analyse it.

Why us?

The benefits of cooperation

The benefits of cooperation

Great experience with the launch of new production

Analysis of production lines

Personalized recruitment for specific production

Troubleshoot of the new production process

Quick adaptation programs for new starters

Flexibility to solve problems

Unplanned overtimes

Weekends / Night shifts

Busy quarter-ends

Christmas / New Year production


Production with different production types

Growth of production and innovation

Active collaboration on production goals

Active employee management, quick response

Insurance programs for equipment / technologies / parts

Guarantee of Satisfaction

Direct on-site control

Coordinator, Interpreter 24/7


Local and international transportation

Providing meals for employees

Healthcare 24/7

Regular meetings

Advance wage

Maximisation of working hours

Social life - shares


Current operations

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